Dr. Taikang Huang donates to Alliant library

The Alliant library is pleased to accept from Dr. Taikaing Huang a copy of his monumental Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  For more about Dr. Huang, read on:

Dr. Taikang Huang

Gender: Male
Employer: State Food and Drug Administration, PRC

Short Summary:

1994—Led the Research of Chinese Herbal Medicine Engineering System

1990—Led the Study of Compiling and Editing Chinese Herbal Medicine Dictionary

1990-1992—Led the Study of Establishing Systematic Goals of Pharmaceutical Related Education

1989-1991—Led the Study of Chinese Patent Medicine

Awards Won:

1992—Winner of 3rd Prize for Science and Technology Progress from The Chinese People’s Liberation Army based on the Research of The Medical Usage of Herbal Plants in Yili Mountain Area.

1989—Winner 3rd Prize for Science and Technology Progress from The Chinese People’s Liberation Army based on his Study of Telling Differences of Real and Fake Ginseng.

1984 — Winner of 3rd Prize for Science and Technology Progress from State Food and Drug Administration based on the Study of Curing Migraine Pain

Work Experience:

1976-1979: Technician, Xuzhou Pharmaceutical Factory

July 1983-Feburary 1987: Pharmacist, Xuzhou FDA

March 1987: Researcher, China Pharmaceutical University; Deputy Director, Department of Pharmaceutical Education, China Pharmaceutical University; Visiting professor, Singapore Institute of  Chinese Herbal Medicine Study; Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Asian Pharmacy; Visiting Professor,  American Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences; Visiting Professor , Shenyang Pharmaceutical University


Dr. Huang took a major role in compiling and editing the Modern Compendium of Materia Medica and 58 other books, actively joined in editing six other books, and has published 118 articles in various publications.

He is the First Deputy Director of the Journal of Herbal Medicine’s editing committee, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Chinese New Medicine, Consultant of China Medical Herald, editor-in-Chief of Journal of Asian Societies Pharmacy. 17 people graduated with doctoral degrees in drug management and administration and societal pharmacy with Mr. Huang being the advisor and guidance. Mr. Huang has also been a visiting professor at six different foreign educational institutions, including universities in China, U.S., Japan, and Singapore. He was awarded with a special compensation for being expert from the State Council of People’s Republic of China in 1993. His new theory of “Geography of Natural Drugs” and his personal successes have been recorded in the 1992 Yearbook of People’s Republic of China.

Dr. Huang has invented six new drugs. He was also awarded with the LA International Traditional Chinese Medicine Gold Prize in 1994 and is the winner of many other prizes.

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