Access vs. Ownership

There’s an interesting item here discussing Kent State’s library weeding project.  It’s basically a larger scale version of what Alliant is in the process of doing at our Fresno library, as a pilot study.

Our collection analysis showed similarly high percentages of books never or seldom used, so what we’ve begun doing is pulling those titles which haven’t gone out in the last six years, and checking to see if they are in Link+ (our version of OhioLink).  If they are, then we discard our copy (usually by donating it to Better World Books).  If they are not, then we keep them but transfer them to the San Diego library, which has more space.

I particularly like this quote from the article:

“I’m a book lover,” Bracken said. “My training is a rare book librarian. I want to have more books. But when books crowd people out of the building and they’re not used, you have to ask yourself the question, ‘Are there better ways to bring people back into the library to use the books we have?’”

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