Mango Languages now available through the library

Yesterday Provost Russ Newman made an exciting announcement about the availability of the Mango language learning platform through Alliant library:


Over the last several months, a subcommittee of the Provost’s Council has conducted a review of possible language learning products that could be made available in a very economical fashion to students, faculty and staff. I am happy to announce that the Mango learning platform has been selected and is ready for use by our University community. I would especially like to thank the subcommittee (chaired by Scott Zimmer and comprised of Kumea Shorter-Gooden, Eduardo Morales, Sheila Henderson, Sharon Foster, Mary Ellen Butler-Pascoe, Ken Kelch, Tom Moore, Madeleine Weiner and Mehdi Rajabzadeh) for its great work!

Mango is an online language learning resource that enables the acquisition of basic proficiency in any one of 22 languages currently being offered (and the list of offerings is likely to expand in the future). There are also 15 options available for speakers of other languages to enhance their English language skills. The Mango product was pilot tested during the month of September and received uniformly positive feedback. Most notably, users described the product as user friendly, felt it contributed to the University’s international-multicultural environment and was preferred over other language products by those who had utilized more than one.

The adoption of Mango is a timely and exciting opportunity for us to further develop the avenues available to help us achieve our mission of providing high quality professional practice training in an international and multicultural context. Also, it is my hope that the ready availability of language learning options will propel more of our students to take advantage of the international immersion experiences available through the University.

To create an account and begin using this resource, simply click “Mango” on the library’s list of databases, or follow this direct link. Feel free to contact our system-wide librarian, Scott Zimmer, should you have any questions bout accessing Mango.  Also, to learn about other language-related activities on your campus, contact your campus I-MERIT chair or Dr. Kumea Shorter-Gooden.  If any faculty member is interested in learning more about ways to  utilize Mango as a part of course instruction, contact Drs. Ken Kelch, Eduardo Morales or Kumea Shorter-Gooden.

Russ Newman, PhD, JD
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Alliant International University

The library is delighted to provide access to this resource, and to be a part of the planning for the Mango-related activities which will be happening over the next few months.  Stay tuned!

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