Dissertation Deadlines to Avoid Paying Spring 2013 Dissertation Tuition

This message was sent out to the Alliant community on 11/30/12, but we are reproducing it here to make it easier to refer back to – sz

Greetings Students,

This message is intended to clarify the process for submitting your dissertation to the library for review, and to highlight important dates for those who wish to avoid paying spring 2013 dissertation tuition.

Briefly, the library dissertation clearance process works like this:

€       Successfully complete the oral defense of your dissertation and make all edits requested by your committee

€       Print the signature page on cotton paper and have the committee sign

€       Upload a PDF of your dissertation to the library for review (instructions are on the portal under Alliant Departments|Dissertations…)

€       The library will let you know if changes to the format are needed

­      If they are, make the changes and re-upload. Repeat until all necessary changes have been made and the library approves

€       Once the library approves the PDF you will be notified that you are now ready to print the dissertation on cotton paper and deliver it to the library, along with:

­      The signed signature page

­      The signed forms verifying your successful defense

­      A check or money order for binding (check with your campus¹ library dissertation clearance person about the amount and whom to make the check out to; clearance contacts are listed on the portal under Alliant Departments|Dissertations…)

€       When the library receives the hard copy, if all is in order we then notify the registrar that you have successfully completed your dissertation.

In order to avoid paying spring 2013 dissertation tuition, the registrar must hear from the library no later than 2/5/13 that you have submitted both the PDF and hard copy and both have been approved by the library. Because it takes library staff some time to review a dissertation to make sure its format complies with the requirements specified by its program, please be aware of the following earlier deadlines:

1.      The library deadline for submitting dissertations to the library electronically is 1/22/13, so that we can ensure that we have time to review them and provide feedback to the student in time for corrections to be made by the 2/5/13 registrar deadline.

2.       If a dissertation is submitted to the library between 1/23/13 and 2/5/13, the library will notify the registrar that the dissertation has been received so that the student may avoid paying for spring dissertation units, provided the student signs a library form acknowledging that any changes the library finds necessary will be made no later than 3/5/13.

3.       If the changes are not made by 3/5/13, then the library notifies the registrar to put a hold on the student¹s diploma/graduation/etc. Once the corrected dissertation is received by the library the registrar will be notified that the hold can be removed.

Our goal in establishing these earlier deadlines is NOT to add to the stress you are already experiencing, but to give you a clear idea of what you need to do and when the best time to do it is. If you have any questions or concerns about dissertation submission, please contact me (szimmer@alliant.edu) as soon as possible so we can discuss your situation.

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