Welcome back to all! (Plus a little on SGA and IMERIT)

By Nicole Hughes –


The Alliant Library staff would like to welcome back students and faculty to the Spring 2015 semester! We hope everyone had a nice break and is recharged for a new set of classes. With a new start comes new opportunities to get involved; let your voice be heard! Each campus has different clubs and activities for students, here are two that are active at almost every campus:

SGA (Student Government Association):

SGA gives you a say in activity planning and much more at your home campus. Sacramento’s SGA has sponsored movie nights, new student mixers, and even a new play therapy collection in development for the Sacramento Library. Join the discussion to help better your home campus, as well as Alliant International University as a whole!

I-MERIT (Strengthening Multicultural Campus Atmosphere):

I-MERIT, like SGA, has a campus-specific and University-wide presence. Meet with your campus group to discuss activities like those going on at the Sacramento campus: Multicultural Pot-Luck and Food Fair, Current Events discussion groups, Focused panel discussions featuring experts on a variety of topics: serving LGBTQIA populations, Veterans and families, Law Enforcement and families, Nontraditional relationship family structure, and much more!

Start the Spring semester by having a say and bettering your university experience! We hope to see you there.


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