Guides: One More Way to Download a Little Knowledge from Your Alliant Librarians

Have you ever noticed the User Guides link on the Library homepage, under Research? If you haven’t checked it out, you are missing out on a treasure trove of tips and tricks to make your library experience much richer. Today, I wanted to highlight a handful that can help whether you are just starting research for a quick term paper, or delving deep into your dissertation:

Organizing Your Research: Have you ever wanted a tool that would help you keep track of all the resources you’ve found, grouping them together by topic, and — most importantly — creating APA-style citations that will make your References page a snap? This guide covers EndNote, RefWorks, Mendeley, and Zotero, so you can find the tool(s) that are best for you.

Grants and RFPs offers a slew of ideas for finding grants and requests for proposals online, as well as resources for how to write successful (i.e. funded) proposals.

I Can PsycINFO (and so can you!): A ton of tips on using one of our most popular EBSCO databases, with the added bonus that most of these tips apply to any database search.

Boolean Operators: AND, OR, NOT. You know what those words mean, but do you know how to effectively use them to get your very best database search results?

Measures and Surveys and Scales, Oh My! Chances are good that you may take an assessment course during your time at Alliant, or you may need to find a scale/measure/survey/questionnaire as part of your research. This guide will help you locate the right assessment tool for you, from the Achievement Anxiety Test to the Young Adult Social Support Inventory, from the ABAS-II to the WMS-IV.

Are there other guides you’d like to see that are missing? Let us know!


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