I-Merit Discussion Groups

By Nicole Hughes

The I-Merit groups at each campus offer a variety of activities, informative panels, even food fairs! The Sacramento campus will add to this list informal discussion groups.  I-Merit welcomes suggestions for discussion group topics, as well as volunteers to lead these discussion groups. We have a few slated for this semester, but please join us every other Tuesday in room 9 from 1-2 pm, or contact Dr. Hsieh (ahsieh@alliant.edu) with any questions or ideas. Here’s what we have scheduled so far:

WEDNESDAY 3/18 1-2 pm:  Ferguson

WEDNESDAY 4/1 1-2 pm:  ISIS

***WEDNESDAY 4/15 5-7 pm: Panel- Serving Veterans, Law Enforcement, Military, and their families.

WEDNESDAY 4/22 1-2 pm: Follow up discussion about the Panel

WEDNESDAY 4/29 1-2 pm: Social Media & Diversity 

***Also, please join us for a panel discussion featuring working clinicians who serve veterans, law enforcement, military and their families on WEDNESDAY 4/15 from 5-7 pm.  Contact Dr. Hsieh with any questions (ahsieh@alliant.edu).

We hope to see you there and look forward to some lively discussions!


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