List of Online Journals: Explained

Ever noticed the List of Online Journals link under Research at both the top and bottom of the library’s homepage? It’s a pretty handy place to locate an article or book online or browse for journals in your subject area. The relationship between this list and the library catalog can be pretty confusing so here’s a brief explanation. The List of Online Journals is updated continuously as items are added to our online collections so it’s an up-to-date list of online journals and books to which you have access. This information is then added to the library catalog every couple weeks. So, in nearly ever instance, your item will be located in both databases and you can feel free to use whichever one you prefer for your searching.

Using the List of Online Journals is quite straightforward. Start by typing the Title, Publisher, ISSN/ISBN of the journal or book for which you’re searching (or Author if you’re searching for a book specifically).  The search results will display your item along with one or more links to publisher or vendor websites where it’s available. For journals, a date range next to the link shows the years of publication to which we have access. Your article isn’t within that date range? Look to the buttons on the right of each result – specifically the one labeled “Search for journal in paper.” Like the title says, the List of Online Journals only contains those journals (and books) to which we have web access so this button provides a quick link to search the library catalog for a print copy.

The List of Online Journals can also be used to browse for journals in your subject area. In the search results, each journal has a subject listed. Click this and your search will update to a list of all the journals with that subject. Without going into too much librarian terminology, the subjects used here are different from the one in the library catalog so browsing in both places could provide you with more journals to peruse.

Happy searching!


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