Some of our quirks

After almost four years at the Irvine campus, I am in the process of transferring to our Los Angeles campus library. During the transition, I am spending several days a week at each campus. It has reminded me that while we have in common great students, faculty, and staff, each of our California campuses (and their libraries) has its own quirks.

For example, Irvine’s library is on the top floor of the building (and gets great sunsets!) while LA’s is below ground and reminds me fondly of my old undergraduate dorm. Here are just a quick handful of fun facts about our campus libraries:

  • A popcorn machine occasionally makes appearances in San Diegopopcorn
  • A favorite spot in Irvine for a quick break between afternoon & evening classes is the “napping couch”
  • In Los Angeles, a coffee & tea station keeps students caffeinated all day long
  • San Francisco has hosted art exhibits, allowing visitors to look at more than just books and screensartgallery
  • While studying or browsing the stacks in Fresno, you may come across a (ceramic) cat or two!
  • Sacramento students can check out children’s games, part of the campus’s new Play Therapy Collection

These odds and ends barely scratch the surface of what makes each of our California campus libraries unique. If your travels take you to a different part of the state, come visit and say hello. And let us know: what are your favorite Alliant Library fun facts?


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