The Inside Scoop: Secrets about the LA Library from a Student Assistant

Alliant Library’s student assistants having a unique perspective on the library, seeing it from both sides of the circulation desk. Today, we’re turning the blog over to Michael Saleh, for an insider’s look at some of the lesser-known resources at the Alliant Library. And even if you’re not at the Los Angeles campus, your home campus library has just as much to discover — come visit!

During my first day on the job at the circulation desk in the summer of 2013, I figured that the library performed most of your basic operations: checking books in and out to students and faculty members, checking out assessment test kits, and printing and copying. Two years (and many hours) later, I have discovered that the LA Library has some perks you might not know about if you never asked. It’s kind of like your grandparents’ attic…you need to do some exploring to find out some interesting things. But don’t worry, you won’t find your grandma’s old lingerie here. These are some things you might want to know about though:

  1. Short on cash? I have not purchased a text book in 2 years! We all know that buying textbooks is a justifiable reason for eating Top Ramen for the rest of the semester, right? No. No, it’s not. Click on the “Encore”, Classic Catalog”, or “LINKplus” tabs on the website to see if it is available at another Alliant campus or through one of our partner libraries.
  2. Are you a movie buff? Even though you can’t afford to buy a textbook, surely you have enough cash to register for a Netflix subscription, right? No. No, you probably don’t. Using the same tools to find textbooks, you can also find DVDs. A quick glance at the LA collection revealed movies like ‘City of God’, ‘Crash’, and ‘The Kite Runner’.
  3. Scared of zombies? I’m sure you had the money and time (and skill) to build an underground bunker for the Zombie Apocalypse, right? No…doubtful. The LA library used to be a plans vault for C.F. Braun & Company, one of the world’s most renowned petrochemical engineering companies during the post-World War II era. The library is the safest place on campus. As you walk through the doorway to the computer lab, you might notice that the walls are reinforced by more than 12 inches of concrete and there is a steel door that no zombie could penetrate.
  4. Need a quiet place to study or, in my case, take a nap? Graduate school in bustling LA is a great time to get peace and quiet to read or get a full night’s sleep, right? No. No, you’re lying to yourself. Our four brand new study rooms (outfitted with a light switch) are virtually sound proof and having the door closed is grad school code for “I don’t see you and you don’t see me, I’m cramming for a midterm.”
  5. Desperately need a fun study break? You have plenty of time to play at the beach or go to Disneyland, right? No. No, I don’t believe you. Stop by Sherrie’s office for a quick game of Pente, a fast-paced, strategic board game similar to Connect Four. But careful…it’s addicting and you probably won’t beat Sherrie.
  6. Have a sweet tooth? Candy is a viable alternative to Top Ramen, right? Yes. Yes, some might argue so. Alvin always has an unlimited supply of candy that has included Butterscotch, Fortune Cookies, and Espresso-flavored hard candy. Alvin is also a human restaurant guide for exquisite San Gabriel Valley cuisine.

Stop by the Alliant LA Library to discover what we have to offer. You just might be surprised about what you will find.

Yours truly,

Michael Saleh

Michael Saleh is a third-year Clinical Psychology student. A San Diego native, he’ll be moving north to start an internship in San Francisco in the fall.

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