Dissertation Clearance Process


If you would like to refresher on what you need to do during the Dissertation Clearance Process, below is a list you can use to tick off the items you need to do.


This LibGuide has all the information you will need. Please take the time to look it over before you begin your dissertation.


When you begin your Dissertation, also please take time to read the



Click to access 2014.04.21_diss_doct_proj_format_manual_Approved_4-2014_with_links.pdf


2) You will need to get final approval from your chair and committee members, obtain signatures on the Library Dissertation/Doctoral Project Clearance Form (found under “Formatting Manual and Forms” on the above website). This would come after you’ve finished work with an editor (if you used one); the dissertation should be in what you consider the “final draft.”


3) Complete the Dissertation Cataloging form (also found in “Formatting Manual and Forms” on the above website).


4) Meet with your campus Student Affairs Representative to discuss deadlines and registration issues.




5) Schedule an appointment with your campus dissertation clearance librarian to discuss any final questions (bring completed forms from step 2 & 3 to this appointment):


Sacramento: Dean Jones (deanjones@alliant.edu)


San Francisco: Sarah Sacks (ssacks@alliant.edu)


Fresno: Louise Colbert-Mar (lcolbert@alliant.edu)


Los Angeles: Erin Draper (edraper@alliant.edu)


Irvine: Vanja Anderson (vanderson@alliant.edu)


San Diego: Scott Zimmer (szimmer@alliant.edu)


5) You will need to submit a PDF of your dissertation to ProQuest (instructions are in your dissertation manual and on the LibGuide). REMEMBER: The library review is for FORMATTING ONLY, not content.


6) Your campus dissertation clearance librarian is automatically notified of your submission. Your dissertation will be reviewed within 5 business days, and a list of corrections along with instructions for resubmitting a corrected draft will be sent to you via e-mail.


7) Make the listed corrections and resubmit your draft for a second review. This process will be repeated until all corrections are made.



8) Once all corrections are made, AND your dissertation clearance librarian has the completed forms from Steps 2 & 3, your dissertation will be approved and sent for publication to ProQuest. The day you receive the e-mail notifying you that your draft has been accepted is the same day your receipt of dissertation goes to the registrar’s office. This is your official date of dissertation completion.


Any questions during the dissertation process can be answered by the following:


-Deadlines, financial aid, DEX, registration:                            Your campus Student Services Representative


-Preliminary questions, final orals, dissertation manual:       Your dissertation chair/committee members


-Final review, finding an editor, ProQuest review process:   Your campus dissertation clearance librarian


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