Quick notes on APA, just in time for final papers

This librarian always had to remind herself to allot some extra time when writing papers to format the final draft, with particular attention to citations. (This was especially important when some instructors required APA guidelines, and others used MLA. Footnotes vs. in-text citations… what fun!)

So as you’re working on final papers and taking a break to check this site, let me urge you to build in a little extra time for that final part of paper writing that makes such a difference in your completed, polished final project and that allows your ideas to shine.

Whether you compose your paper in perfect APA Style as you go or get all your thoughts down and then go back to perfect headings, in-text citations, etc., consider keeping one or more of these sites open to help when you have a question. And of course, stop by your Alliant campus library and we’ll pour over the APA Publication Manual with you to find the answers to your questions.

Happy Writing!

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